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      Name Wuxi Hongsheng heat exchanger manufacturing incorporation
      Area Jiangsu
      Listing date2016-08-31
      Issue price per share8.47
      Registered captital100000000
      Legal representative Niu Faqing

      Main business

      Since its inception, Hongsheng has been committing to the development, design, production and sales of aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers and related products, providing high-quality heat exchanger products and cooling modules for the air compressors, construction machinery, hydraulic systems and other applications. The company's main product aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger as a common product, is widely used in different market. Over the years Hongsheng has accumulated rich experience in product development and manufacturing in the field of heat exchanger industry and has established close cooperative relations with its customers by cooperating in design and process optimization in accordance with the technical specifications and requirements of customers.


      Heat exchangers, radiators, coolers, heat sink, auto parts, air conditioning parts, generator sets, machinery parts and components, locomotives and ships spare parts manufacturing, processing; metal cutting, cold work and technical development of the above products, Consulting services; investment with its own funds; self-employed and agents of various types of goods and technology import and export business (State-regulated merchandise and technology except)