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BVB IA DOC´s Take Part in Life Kinetick Training

By Coach Steven Lopez, 10/11/21, 2:30PM CDT


Life Kineticks Training

Several of the BVB IA staff coaches took part in a Life Kinetik Training at the BVB Academy in Dortmund, Germany in Oct 2021. The class was led by Bilal Ak, BVB coach. The program was first implemented in Germany in the early 2000's by Horst Lutz and has been adopted by professional clubs all over Germany, including Burussia Dortmund and the English Premier League's Southampton FC. Jurgen Klopp, Head Coach at Liverpool, is also implementing Life Kinetik. The course was fantastic and BVB IA Miami players should be expecting to see some Life Kinetik exercises being implemented into their warm ups, training, and camps in the near future!

Steven C. Lopez , BVB IA Miami Director of Youth Development, participated in the course and said, "Life Kinetik training was one of the best training session I have ever played in. The content and delivery was simply outstanding. Personally, it was very intriguing and humbling to see how my brain works in terms of seeing objects, perceiving information, or making decisions. It was also quite amazing to notice improvement in those areas over the course of only four days. I am looking forward to implementing it with my players in the near future."

Take a look at what some very important soccer professionals have to say about Life Kinetik:

"Many young players are highly talented, but still don't make it to the professionals. Often there is a lack of quick comprehension, so that the fast pace in top-level football is out of reach for them. We believe that this is where Life Kinetik comes in to play and helps the players. Therefore, we use this innovative training not only for the professionals but for our younger teams, because the boys shall get the best possible education!"
Michael Zorc, Director of Sports BV Borussia Dortmund, Champions League winner, World Cup winner, two-time German Bundesliga champion

"Definitely one of the most interesting and exciting things I have encountered in my professional career in the past few years."
Jürgen Klopp, Coach of Liverpool FC

About Life Kinetik

Life Kinetik is a fun, active and scientifically designed training that helps us get closer to realizing the true capacity our brains possess. And the results are surprisingly quick to recognize. There have been multiple studies, such as the ones undertaken by both the University of Cologne as well as the Center for Mental health in Germany, which conclusively show that life Kinetik training increases the capacity of the brain and it's problem solving capacity. In Life Kinetik training the brain is challenged coordinitively, cognitively and visually. The principle is simple: introduce active movements while at the same time engaging the brain. Life Kinetik training has been developed in such a way that no one practices the same activity to the point where they experience competency in the task. Instead, Life Kinetik training keeps the brain confused. This training helps the brain to build new synapses. These additional synapses allow the brain to access dormant brain cells which leads to higher performance, flexibility and processing speed for our brains. The positive results shown through Life Kinetik training include stress reduction, higher concentration, faster action and reaction, better coordination, error reduction, better visual acuity as well as delays the symptoms of Dementia.